Celebrate The Light Of The World

Newtown, CT - December 14, 2017

It’s been five years and it’s difficult to not well up thinking about it – Since then many more children, women, and men have had their lives end abruptly, violently, shockingly, at the hands of yet another “lone wolf.” And every time it’s the same sad song. The tune never changes however horrific the new tragedy. It should be pretty clear by now that the tune won’t change until the bells have tolled in so many communities that the silent majority finally becomes the voting majority. The bodies, in the meantime, will continue to pile up, sacrificed at the altar of greed and ignorance, wrath and avarice. It’s hard not to despair. And yet we can’t because that despair, that feeling of powerlessness is exactly what the forces of evil want. Hate will be conquered by love, however long it takes.
What this means to you – Fighting for good is very hard. It’s bruising, thankless and sometimes has no end in sight. This week, as menorahs are lit in some homes and Advent candles in others, the focus will be on hope, on commemorating something sacred – the dedication of a temple, the birth of another. In Newtown we will also commemorate the loss of what should always be held sacred, life. For it is in the unwavering commitment to the sanctity of life that we can defeat those who find death appealing. Life, love and hope are intertwined, as are death, hate and despair. On one side is good and on the other is evil. For the bodies to stop piling up, the mere thought of ending a life should be abhorrent to all, and clearly that won’t happen any time soon, perhaps not even in our lifetime. But that’s not a reason to give up hope, it’s the reason to fight even harder. So light the candles, sing the songs, celebrate the Light of the World, for that’s the only way to defeat the darkness.